On behalf of the Association Managing Board, all members participating, and on my own, I am pleased to present you the Associació del Personal de "la Caixa" Social Action Plan Yearbook first edition.

A summary of all the activities and purposes, in collaboration with the third sector organizations, we have shared with most disadvantaged people of our Society.
We hope you enjoy Social Action Plan Yearbook first edition as much as we did carrying it out.




Anton Gasol i Magriñà



Yearbook in pdf






The Social Action Plan is our commitment with nowadays society. An entity created in 1931, among others to promote camaraderie and associationist spirit, is now even more committed to our society thanks to our more than 24.000 members and third sector organizations. All agents are essential to enable this project becoming a reality.


In this Yearbook you will find a summary of all activities, both sport and cultural as well as the formatives ones, that our members and sections have shared within the Social Action Planduring the 2013-2014 season.


You will also find collaboration of remarkable thinkers who have kindly shared their thoughts.



Access to Stefano Zamagni

     original article in Italian

Catalan version Yearbook 2015


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